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Pine Point Yoga at 20 Mussey Road in Scarborough has changed owners.  The new name of the studio is Shanti Yoga of Maine.  Same amazing space! Same amazing teachers, just a new owner and a new name!  Please go to for class schedule and special events!  New student monthly is still $39.95 Just in time for Fall!  Call 207-239-0570 for more information...



20 Mussey Road in Scarborough, next to Eight Corners School.

Celebrating our 6th year of bringing Yoga and Ayurveda to the Scarborough Community

Yoga by candle light~ Every Thursday Night
5:30-6:45 pm.
It's amazing!!!


*** New Student Special ***

Four weeks unlimited pass $39.95 (reg $140.00)

With this offer, now is the only time to start your yoga practice!

Kripalu style yoga, Kripalu means compassion, this Yoga is for everyone!


* Current Schedule  (begins March 28th)

Visit FaceBook Pine Point Yoga for daily schedules prior to March 28th


Monday Morning ~ 7:45 to 9:00 Moderate with Cindy


            9:00 to 10:15 Gentle with Eliza

Tuesday Evening ~ 5:30-6:45 Moderate with Ines


Wednesday Morning (Gentle to Moderate coming in May)

Wednesday Evening ~ 5:30-6:45 Yin Yoga with Amanda/Emily


Thursday Morning ~ 9:00-10:15 Gentle to Moderate with Emily                                      

Thursday Evening ~ Yoga by candle light~ Every Thursday 5:30-6:45 with Emily

It's amazing!!!


Friday Morning ~ 9:00 to 10:15 Gentle to Moderate with Eliza


Saturday Morning ~ 8:00 to 9:15 Gentle to Moderate with Cindy



Classic, Non-Competitive, Stress Relieving
Kripalu Yoga

Cindy weaves the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda into each class, this method allows students to experience their bodies in a whole new way, it allows a deeper connectinn to Body, Breath, Mind, and Spirit .

Pine Point Yoga offers Kripalu Style Yoga Classes

Kripalu meaning compassionate, this is the essence of this practice.  This is a practice for all bodies, everyone is welcome without judgement.

Traditional Style Yoga that speaks to the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Real Yoga for real Bodies 

Bringing the Beauty of Yoga to You! 

Jai Bhagwan,



*Pine Point Instructors*
Cindy Beaulieu, CYT, Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant
Cindy Beaulieu is a 500 hour certified professional level  Kripalu Yoga Instructor and a with a focus in Ayurveda, she has been practicing yoga for the past fifteen years.  Her studies include teachings from master teachers, Devarshi Steven Hartman, Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga; Jurian Hughes, Director of the Kripalu School of Yoga, and Sudha Carolyn Lundeen, Senior teacher at Kripalu Center. 
In 2015 Cindy completed and additional 650 hours of study at Kripalu to complete her Ayurveda Diet and Life Style Consultant Certification. .  Cindy has completed over 1500 hours of studies at the Kripalu center for yoga and health.
Kripalu is the largest and most established retreat center for yoga and health in North America.
As a competitive runner, and swimmer in her school years, Cindy continued to run in later years for fitness and stress relief.  In her thirties she discovered yoga and fell in love with the practice.  She is a graduate of Husson College with degrees in Business and Information Systems.  She has also attended Southern Maine Community College, studying nutrition and diet.
Cindy is a native resident of Maine, she was brought up on the coast, living in lighthouses as a child her family represents three generations of lighthouse keepers.  She has lived in Pine Point for eighteen years, raising her son Jack in the Scarborough community, and staying connected to the ocean. 
"Cindy is committed to providing a safe and nourishing practice" 
 If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or email.
 Eliza Pierce, CYT, Ayurveda Diet and Lifestyle Consultant
Starting at an early age in gymnastics and swimming, Eliza Pierce, CYT,  began her youth with a strong sense of self, body awareness and was taught to remain calm in the face of challenge.  As a competitive runner during her teens, she naturally practiced meditation in motion.  Her seven years at the University of Colorado at Boulder taught her about the subtleties and power of mental focus and clarity.  This is where she began taking yoga classes in between her regular classes to stay relaxed and healthy during stressful times.  Upon graduating with a degree in Psychology, Eliza began working with special needs children and began a family of her own.  During a pre-natal yoga class, she decided to take her Yogic path to a deeper level through yoga teacher training.  In her 4 years of teaching yoga and living by yogic principles, Eliza has experienced Yoga's healing abilities firsthand as well as with others.  She is currently furthering her studies in Yoga as well as in Ayurveda.

Class Descriptions:


Gentle classes are great for beginners-and everyone interested in a slow, peaceful practice.  This class includes basic breathing exercises  as well as a variety of standing, sitting and supine postures.  It's a way to recharge while meeting some physical challenges.

Gentle to Moderate:

A flowing practice that explores a variety of meditation and breathing practices.  This class is the gateway to a deeper understanding of the practice and yourself.  Postures that provide the opportunity to challenge yourself yet leave time for you to be in the pose and experience it fully.   ~ Breathe, Relax, Feel, Watch, Allow


This practice  explores a variety of advanced postures at a deeper level.  The moderate class will also introduce aditional meditation and breathing practices.  It provides a moderate (workout) practice and deep restoration.  This practice will change you in amazing ways!

Yin Yoga:
Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality 


Rates, Special Classes and Offers!

  • Regularly scheduled single drop in  classes are $14.00
  • 8 - Class Passes are $95, or just $80 for Seniors(65+)  Class Passes are good for any class, valid for 3 months.  With a 8-Class pass any additional class during the same week is just $7.00, saving you an additional $5.00 per class.. Only the first class per week comes off your card!   
  • Unlimited Monthly Pass $140.00
  • Private session $45.00 per hour, minimum hour and a half.
  • Community service available upon review.

Pine Point Yoga also sells great Yoga and Ayurveda merchandise, like:

Organic Oils and Ayurveda products from Banyan. 

Kulae tpECOmat's.  These mats are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and PVC and Latex-Free.  They are non-porous, so germs and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface. MSRP $44.95

Kulae Thick mat, a thicker version of the ECO mat.. great for sensitive knees. $86.00

Manduka ECO Plus Mats  $88.00

A less expensive, but thicker than your normal mat available for $19.95

Barefoot Yoga Mat Bags, which are beautiful for gifts, or a great way to carry your mat.

A selection of Kripalu books and DVDs.

Gift Certificates available for the Holidays, give the gift of yoga.

Banyan Botanicals

Ayurveda The Science of Life


Teresa King 
Tai Chi
Pine Point Yoga is pleased to offer this beautiful practice, taught by expert instructor
Theresa King
 Theresa has had over 30 years of experience with this ancient practice.  

Practicing Tai Chi for 33 years with Sensei Brian Ricci of Malden, Ma. and Legendary O’Sensei Richard Kim (Deceased)  of San Francisco, Ca. 

The practice of Tai Chi has assisted me in maintaining better flexibility, excellent bone health, balance, mental clarity and most of all reducing stress, which improves all aspects of our health.  

   "I have been teaching Tai Chi for 20 years and plan on teaching it for the rest of my life".  It can be practiced by any age group, but the greater benefits can be found by a more mature audience.  Tai Chi is practiced in a seated position or standing.  The benefits are numerous. 
Please contact Theresa at 207-831-6781 for more information 

Pine Point Yoga • 20 Mussey Road  Scarborough, ME 04074 • 207 - 730 - 3809 
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